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Unmetered describes content that's free of usage charges when you download.

BigPond® offers a huge range of Unmetered entertainment, including Movies, Music, Games, Sport and Foxtel on T-Box, for most BigPond Broadband Members.

Look for the green dot

Whenever you see the BigPond Unmetered icon (green dot), download as much as you like - it won't count towards your monthly usage limit.

How do I get it?

Most BigPond® Broadband Members can take advantage of our unmetered sites. If you see the unmetered green dot on a page, you'll know any content you download won't count towards your monthly usage. There's a couple of exceptions so read below for more information. Otherwise, click and play - it's that easy.

Note: Content charges may still apply. BigPond Unmetered sites don't apply online to Dial-up, Satellite and Hourly plans. On mobile, unmetered sites don't apply to Telstra 2G customers, International Roaming or content accessed via the internet browser on a mobile instead of via the BigPond portal.

Other unmetered content


Browse BigPond Unmetered sites on your mobile phone

Things you should know

Unmetered sites let BigPond Broadband Members on ADSL, Cable or Wireless plans (excluding pre-paid or hourly plans) access downloads, video streams and editorial content without affecting their monthly usage limit.
Unmetered sites don't apply if you're accessing the internet using International Roaming. Advertisements that sit on Unmetered pages will count towards your download limit. Some elements of an Unmetered website may be metered if they are sourced from other websites that are metered, including things such as YouTube videos, Google maps or social media services. Every time you visit or refresh a page you will incur the download of that content.
BigPond may change webpages to be metered from time to time at its discretion.