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BigPond TV


Seven extra BigPond TV channels, Foxtel on T-Box, catch up on free to air, record your favourite shows to watch later or browse our extensive range of TV shows to watch instantly.

BigPond TV channels

BigPond TV channels are just like watching regular TV channels over the internet. Choose from channels covering a variety of sport, music and news.


Watch free-to-air and digital channels. You don't need a new TV to get all the new digital channels.

With T-Box you can record individual free-to-air shows or an entire series, as well as being able to pause and rewind live free-to-air TV.

TV Shows with BigPond Movies

Also available through BigPond Movies are a selection of TV shows including family favourites to the latest new series. You can rent & watch TV Shows through BigPond Movies if you own a Telstra T-Box or a compatible LG or Samsung device - TV, Blu-ray or Home Theatre System.

After a simple registration process, you are automatically signed in to BigPond Movies, where you can make a selection, confirm payment and start watching. You can pause, stop, fast-forward and rewind the movie or TV show just like regular DVD viewing. And for parents, purchases can be protected with a four digit PIN, giving you peace of mind. Sign up for fee, only pay for what you rent with no late fees..

Each rented movie/TV show has an Expiry Period and a Viewing Period. The Expiry Period is the length of time you have to begin watching the rented movie/TV show after purchase. The Viewing Period is the length of time you have to watch the movie/TV show once it has started. You can watch the movie/TV show as many times as you want during the Viewing Period.

Foxtel on T-Box

Eligible T-Box customers with BigPond Cable, ADSL or Velocity Broadband can enjoy FOXTEL channels available from a selection of Entertainment or Get Started packages including FOX8, Discovery and Comedy Channel. Channels available within the packages are made up of a selection of scheduled shows, and on demand channels, which enable you to select titles from the channel to play at a time that suits you.

Check your eligibility.

Get Started Package $19.50 per month
Entertainment Package $15 per month

Sports Package$25 per month *


* For customers with Foxtel on T-Box Get Started, T-Box and high speed Telstra home broadband.

How do I get it?

Getting BigPond TV is easy. All you need is one of the following devices:

BigPond Movies
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BigPond Music is not available on Xbox 360

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