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Foxtel on T-Box

Eligible T-Box customers with BigPond Cable, ADSL or Velocity Broadband can enjoy Foxtel channels including news from SKY News National.

The Get Started package is the base package for Foxtel on T-Box, it brings you a selection of Foxtel channels covering kids and general entertainment, news, sport news and documentaries. Personalise your Foxtel on T-Box experience by then adding your choice of packages.

Check your eligibility.

Get Started Package $19.50 per month

You must have the Get Started base Package in order to get other packages.

News around the world with TuneIn Radio

When you want more news from radio broadcasters the world over, tune in to TuneIn Radio on T-Box. Search the latest news and talk shows on any topic of interest - from the finance markets to international politics to health and science to celebrity gossip.

How do I get it?

Getting BigPond TV is easy. All you need is one of the following devices:

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BigPond Music is not available on Xbox 360