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Watch Hollywood blockbusters, award-winning Australian films and and an incredible selection of TV shows from BigPond Movies with just a few clicks of the remote. Or watch movies with Foxtel on T-Box.

BigPond Movies

With a library of over 4,000 movies and TV episodes and still growing, it's like having a movie store right in your living room. You can rent & watch BigPond Movies if you own a Telstra T-Box or a compatible LG, Samsung, or Panasonic device - Smart TV, Blu-ray player or Home Theatre System.

After a simple registration process, you are automatically signed in to BigPond Movies, where you can make a selection, confirm payment and start watching. You can pause, stop, fast-forward and rewind the movie or TV show just like regular DVD viewing. And for parents, purchases can be protected with a four digit PIN, giving you peace of mind. Sign up for free, only pay for what you rent with no late fees.

Each rented movie/TV show has an Expiry Period and a Viewing Period. The Expiry Period is the length of time you have to begin watching the rented movie/TV show after purchase. The Viewing Period is the length of time you have to watch the movie/TV show once it has started. You can watch the movie/TV show as many times as you want during the Viewing Period.

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Foxtel on T-Box

Eligible T-Box customers with BigPond Cable, ADSL or Velocity Broadband can enjoy Foxtel movie channels available from a selection of packages including SHOWTIME Movies and the Movie Network. Channels available within the packages are made up of a selection of scheduled shows, and on demand channels, which enable you to select movies from the channel to play at a time that suits you.

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Movies & Premium Drama $25 per month

How do I get it?

Getting BigPond TV is easy. All you need is one of the following devices:

BigPond Movies