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A range of apps available including AFL Game Analyser, Games, YouTube, and more.

Introducing a new
Application for T-Box: TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio on T-Box* is the best way to access and listen to local and international internet radio streams from the comfort of your home. Whether you want music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers thousands of stations and on-demand streams for you to choose from. It brings the whole world of radio together for you.

With TuneIn Radio on T-Box you can:

  • Listen to radio stations and programs playing your favourite bands and music.
  • Search radio stations and programs for the latest in news, sports commentary and talk shows covering a broad range of subjects and interests.
  • Choose from Sport, Talk, Music and News categories to browse sub-categories, such as Comedy, Cricket, Finance News, Movie Reviews, Celebrity Gossip, New Music and much more.
  • Browse radio stations by location.
  • Access local and international radio broadcasts.
  • Save all your favourite stations and programs.

* TuneIn Radio streaming is metered. Listening counts toward the download allowance of your broadband plan.

AFL Game Analyser

Want to see all the goals, marks and defining moments from every AFL game? Skip to the best bits with the AFL Game Analyser, Telstra's exclusive interactive highlights selector lets you control what you watch, with the click of a button.

Previously only available online through, the AFL Game Analyser is now available on the Telstra T-Box and a range of internet enabled Samsung TV's, Blu-ray players and Home Theatre Systems.


With T-Box you can browse YouTube to discover and watch millions of originally created videos right on your TV. Be informed, entertained, amused and amazed. Even when there's nothing on TV, you'll never be bored. There's a Parental Control feature to block unauthorised access.

Note: YouTube clips are metered content and will count towards your monthly BigPond Broadband usage allowance.

BigPond Games

The Telstra T-Box offers a range of games from BigPond Games available to play on the big screen.


Share and browse your photos with family and friends using Picasa available on Telstra T-Box.


With AccuWeather application, you can see the current and forecast weather for any location in the world. AccuWeather can be found by selecting "Applications" from the main menu and is available to registered T-Box customers.

AccuWeather will allow registered T-Box users to:

  • Get current weather information about temperature, short weather description and visual representation of the forecast e.g. 'sunny', 'cloudy' etc.
  • View daily forecast weather information of a selected worldwide location for up to 10 days in advance.
  • View forecasts for day or night-time.
  • Detailed forecasts are available on an hour by hour basis.
  • Save your favourite locations to view the weather at any time using your T-Box.


Getting BigPond TV is easy. All you need is one of the following devices:

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