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Watch what you want, when you want

Telstra T-Box is an incredible new internet entertainment and TV experience. This revolutionary digital set top box will give you access to free-to-air TV channels, as well as internet channels, TV shows, BigPond Movies on demand and Foxtel on T-Box (if eligible) when you connect to your BigPond Broadband service.

For T-Box customers you will need a BigPond Broadband internet connection to access BigPond Movies. Existing T-Box users who are looking to take advantage of BigPond Movies will need to complete the Movies activation process process. Simply login with your BigPond Broadband username and password, provide a valid Australian credit card for age verification purposes, choose your billing method, and you are away.

My Media on T-Box

My Media is a great new T-Box® feature that connects your home media files to your TV so you can view them in the comfort of your lounge room. You can watch your own videos, create photo slideshows and music playlists and even stream media from your computer. There are two ways to get your media onto your T-Box:

  • The easiest way is to plug in a compatible external hard drive via the USB port on the front or the back of your T-Box.
  • You can also connect to your compatible PC through Windows Media Player to view selected content through your BigPond home network.
  • For more details refer to the My Media Quick Start Guide.

T-Box gives you access to

  • BigPond Movies
  • BigPond TV Channels
  • AFL Game Analyser
  • Foxtel on T-Box
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
  • iPhone and Android Remote Control
  • YouTube
  • Picasa
  • Games
  • AccuWeather
  • TuneIn Radio
  • My Media

Where do I get it?

There are three ways to purchase T-Box®. There's plenty of choice, flexibility and value so you can choose what suits you best.

To get the best value from your T-Box, see our Home Bundle plans.

What else do I need?

For the best possible viewing experience a minimum data speed of 3.5mbps is recommended (ADSL 2, ADSL 2+, cable, Velocity, NBN or FTT) The speed of your internet connection will affect the quality of your viewing experience. Please contact BigPond to upgrade or migrate your service.

For most BigPond Broadband members (excluding dial-up, satellite and hourly plan customers) viewing content with Telstra T-Box is unmetered including BigPond Movies and BigPond TV Channels, so it won’t count towards monthly usage quota.

To sign up to BigPond Broadband click here.

How do I set it up?

T-Box comes with a step-by-step Getting Started Guide which will assist you through connecting and setting up your T-Box so you should be up and running quickly.

Networking Options

There are three ways to purchase T-Box. There's plenty of choice, flexibility and value so you can choose what suits you best.

To get the best value from your T-Box, see our Home Bundle plans.

Ruckus Wi-Fi Home Network Extender
Ruckus Wi-Fi Home Network Extender provides a point to point wireless connection between your T-Box and modem in different rooms without running any new cabling and features a smart antenna that reduces wireless interference that can impact performance.