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BigPond TV

BigPond TV on LG

LG Smart TV - it's the future
of entertainment

LG Smart TV has revolutionised your home entertainment experience. With Internet connectivity, virtually endless entertainment and info are all yours, direct to your TV, Blu-ray player or home theatre system from the Internet.

LG Smart TV gives you access to

  • BigPond Movies
  • BigPond TV Channels
  • AFL Game Analyser

Where do I get it?

LG Smart TV, Blu-Ray and Home Theatre Systems with BigPond TV are available from most major electronic retail stores. For more information on LG Smart TV head to the LG website.

What else do I need?

For the best possible viewing experience a minimum data speed of 3.5mbps is recommended (ADSL 2, ADSL 2+, cable or FTT) The speed of your internet connection will affect the quality of your viewing experience. Please contact BigPond to upgrade or migrate your service.

For most BigPond Broadband members (excluding dial-up, satellite and hourly plan customers) viewing content with an LG Smart TV is unmetered including BigPond Movies and BigPond TV Channels, so it will not count towards monthly usage quota.

To sign up to BigPond Broadband click here.

How do I set it up?

  • Plug an Ethernet cable from your modem to your LG TV, Blu-ray or Home Theatre System.
  • Press the NetCast (2010 models) or Premium (2011 models) button on your remote.
  • Register for BigPond Movies