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Available to all customers connected prior to 10 February 2012. All new customers connected, updated or added on or after 10 February 2012 will have BigPond® Email with service.Learn more about the new BigPond Email.

Not sure if you are on the BigPond Email with service? Click here to check.

Access included in your BigPond® or Telstra membership/plans1

MyInbox allows you to email, manage your contacts, tasks and calendar with a total of 1GB of storage.2

Plus you can link your compatible Telstra mobile or home/office phone to access and store your voice mail. With your Telstra mobile, you can also send SMS/MMS, receive and store video mail and receive calendar notifications.3

All in one inbox!

Use your existing BigPond or Telstra email address to log straight into MyInbox.

Don't worry if you don't have a BigPond or Telstra email address yet because your BigPond or Telstra membership/plan includes access to MyInbox and a BigPond email address.1


Access included in your BigPond® or Telstra membership/plan.1

Telstra mobile charging (inc. MyDesktop Msg)Price per message
SMS Message ratesAs per your Telstra mobile
plan for SMS messaging
MMS: Text, images and audio within Australia (per recipient)$0.75
MMS: Video within Australia (per recipient)$0.75
All MMS to overseas mobiles (per recipient)$0.75
Voicemail retrieval (from mobiles)$0.30
Videomail retrieval (from mobiles)$0.30
Calendar notification alerts via SMS$0.05

Why get it?

MyInbox allows you to:

Access all your email addresses in one place

MyInbox is a handy email service that you can use on the move wherever you access the internet. You'll have full complimentary access to:

Access and save voice and video mail messages online3

Your mobile messages can now be accessed and saved to your personal folders on your computer in MyInbox.

To get started log straight into MyInbox on this page with your BigPond® or Telstra email address or click on the sign up link below. Link your Telstra mobile to MyInbox to send and receive MMS, voice and video mail messages and to send SMS.

Access and store home or office phone voicemail messages online5

MyInbox users can access home/office phone messages online via their individual MyInbox account.

To get started log straight into MyInbox on this page with your BigPond® or Telstra email address or click on the sign up link below. Link your Telstra home or office phone to MyInbox to retrieve voicemail messages and send SMS.

Send SMS, MMS and calendar notifications from your computer3

By linking your compatible Telstra mobile with MyInbox, you can use your keyboard and mouse to:

By linking your Telstra home or office phone with MyInbox, you can:5

(If you link both a Telstra mobile and Telstra phone/office phone to MyInbox, you can choose to have charges for sending SMS messages online from those accounts billed to either the mobile or home/office phone account. This can be done within MyInbox.)

Or send online SMS and MMS from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express via MyDesktop Msg. You can download the application via MyInbox.

Things you need to know

1. No additional access/subscription charges apply to MyInbox. For BigPond customers, usage may affect your monthly data allowance.

2. The individual mail quota of each folder (including the inbox folder) in MyInbox is 170MB.

3. Charges apply for these MyInbox features.

4. Email must be POP/IMAP compatible.

5. Home/office phone services must have an active MessageBank, MessageBank Virtual or HomeMessages 101 to be linked to MyInbox... read more

Home/office phone services on HomeLine Part or BusinessLine Part plans cannot be linked to MyInbox. Charges apply to send SMS messages online using MyInbox or MyDesktop Messaging.

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