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Your BigPond® Premium Hosting service includes a certain number of mailboxes. If you need more mailboxes, this add-on allows you to purchase additional mailboxes for your service.1



Add-onsAdditional mailboxesMonthly subscriptionYearly subscription
Business Mail 1010$22/mth$220/yr
Business Mail 5050$49/mth$495/yr
Business Mail 100100$99/mth$990/yr
Business Mail 200200$198/mth$1,980/yr
Business Mail 500500$495/mth$4,950/yr

Things you need to know

1. The Business Mail add on products can only be used in conjunction with BigPond Premium Hosting services.

2. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

3. Premium Hosting terms and conditions apply.

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