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Static IP for ADSL

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Why get Static IP?

With a BigPond® Static IP address, your computer will be assigned a constant, fixed location on the internet.
This opens up a world of online benefits, and allows you to:

Some online business services also insist on a Static IP address for security authentication purposes.

What is Static IP?

An IP address is a unique identifier for your computer, while it's connected to the internet. The IP address for BigPond ADSL is dynamic by default. This means your computer is assigned a different IP address each time you connect to the BigPond network.

With BigPond's Static IP for ADSL service, your computer is assigned the same IP address every time you connect to the BigPond network. These permanent IP addresses are like phone numbers and ensure other computers can easily find yours across the Internet.

Looking to host services on your BigPond ADSL service without having to notify everyone each time you reconnect to the internet? Then BigPond Static IP is for you.


Static IP costs $10 per month and is conveniently charged to your BigPond account. (charged monthly in advance)1

Telstra Internet Direct

Your Static IP address will be assigned to your Primary User log-in. If you support several users, your sub-accounts will be provided with a normal dynamic IP address whenever they log in.

If you need more than one Static IP address, Telstra Internet Direct may be the solution.

Find out about Telstra's IP Address Delegation services

Options for your Static IP

Once you have a Static IP, why not look at some BigPond products and services to get the most from it.

Domain Names - Buy a T-suite® domain name and host it.
BigPond Games - A huge range of games for you to host online.
Premium Website Hosting - A range of versatile plans covering your small to large business needs.

Things you need to know

1. If you cancel (or we terminate) your Static IP service part way through a billing month you will be charged for the part month on a pro-rata basis.

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